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atolyeboyut > It Seems I Was Hitting On the Most Beautiful Girl in School Without Me Noticing > Volume N/A - CH 46
Chp 46

The Most Beautiful Girl is Not Perfect


The next day afterHatsumode, I visited Saito’s house as usual. Remembering what happened yesterday, I rang the doorbell nervously. 

I was somewhat restless and fidgety, so I moved my body back and forth and waited, but she didn’t come out.

I tilted my head at the fact that no one answered, and pressed the doorbell again.

I thought I heard a loud slamming sound coming from behind the door, then I heard someone’s footsteps and a voice coming from the speaker.

[Yes, yes]

[Um, it’s Tanaka, are you okay?]

[I… I’m sorry. Can you give me 3 minutes?]

I could tell she was in a hurry, her tone was high and she was stuttering a lot.

Apparently, something was going on in her room.

I was a little worried, but if she said to wait a little, I don’t think I should be worried about it too much.

[Yeah, I’ll wait]

[I’m sorry, I’ll make it as quick as I can]

[Got it]

When I said that, the speaker clicked and went silent.

I can feel she was running around inside, but what was really going on?

I was a little curious as to what happened, but I was bored, so I played with my phone.

I waited for a while, then I heard a bang and the door opened.

[Sorry to keep you waiting!]

As soon as she came out, she bowed her head. 

She seemed to feel bad about making people wait, and her eyebrows lowered.

When I see that kind of expression, I feel like I’m doing something wrong.

Everyone has something unexpected happen to them, and I didn’t mind, so I followed her inside. 

[No, it’s fine, really…]

After saying that, I realized from her appearance as to why she was late.

[Oh, have you been asleep the whole time?]

Her hair was tied up, but her ends were bouncy and her bangs were more messy than usual.  

She probably was sleeping soundly until I rang the doorbell.

It was unusual for her to sleep at this time, but there might be times when she does.

When I said that I noticed, she blushed and turned her eyes away from me.

Her ears began to turn red as well and she froze.

[I-Is t-that so…?]

[Uhh… I’m sorry for noticing]

From her point of view, it seemed that it was something embarrassing. When she looked so embarrassed, I didn’t know what to say and apologized. 

[…It’s okay already, come on in]

She said it in a tsundere tone and went inside. (TN: More Tsun Saito :0) 

At first, I had an image that she was a perfect girl, but now I realized she was also a human with a few loose ends. The tension I had earlier was gone when I realized that fact.

I let out a thin chuckle at her back as I followed her inside.


I’m sorry. I was supposed to write a story about the part-time job, but I came up with a good one, so I’ll do one more story. (*・ω・)*_ _)

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